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Durability, comfort, hygiene, sustainability, and affordability are the characteristics that hoteliers desire in their linen, but almost never get all together. If a product is sustainable, it also tends to be too expensive; if hygiene is its defining feature, perhaps comfort is compromised.

No more. Austria-headquartered, eight-decade-old fiber giant Lenzing Group and Dubai-based linen management company Rent-A-Towel have come together to produce, process, and supply bed and bath linen to the global hospitality and healthcare industry. Their innovative product combines all five characteristics in a single, science-backed, tested solution that is the future of linen – Dr. Linen ™

Dr. Linen Features


This quality is built into the product, even into its name. TENCEL™

Superior Moisture Management

TENCEL ™ fibers absorb and distribute moisture quickly over a large surface.

Improved Guest Comfort

When traditional linen such as cotton-polyester blends is used,

Built-in hygiene

In the pandemic scenario we are in, hygiene plays a paramount role.

Cost-saving laundry process

Let us examine the picture of the hospitality industry today.

Right product, right place, right time

Recently, the UAE government has put sustainability at the forefront of tourism,


100% sustainable production of fiber

Starting from raw material to when the product is returned to nature, at Lenzing, we ensure sustainability throughout the life cycle of any fiber product

Final product to final disposal

Sustainability pervades the remainder of the TENCEL™ value chain. Lensing makes sure that the spinning units converting the fiber into thread/yarn,

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